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The bundled pricing
and payments platform
for healthcare

Increase your healthcare organization's revenue while offering patients an upfront payment and financing option for all estimated services 




Improving the payment experience for patients, physicians and hospitals

Clear Health is the only pre-service tool that provides an accurate and custom tailored global discount price for patients paying out-of-pocket. Patients receive cost saving advantages and providers get the peace of mind knowing that everything is paid upfront.


Platform features

Bundled Pricing

Clear Health sets a single price to present to patients ahead of their visit for hospital and physician services.

Upfront Patient Payments

Patients are messaged via email/text with the offered price and have the opportunity to pay or access financing offers from within the application.

Good Faith Estimates

Clear Health provides the staff-facing tools to create and offer Good Faith Estimates for uninsured and self-pay patients.

Clear Health metrics since August 2022 launch


Health System clients


Live Hospitals


Average increase in dollars collected upfront with Clear Health


Average Patient Satisfaction across live sites


Created to ease patient frustration

Clear Health was created to solve a common problem in healthcare: pricing and payments are often a fragmented experience that create frustration for patients.


With Clear Health, hospitals can set and present to patients a single price for the hospital and physician fees before the visit occurs. Patients receive the upfront, transparent pricing and can choose to make a payment ahead of their visit to receive the discount. With this option, providers do not have to follow the typical 30-90 day claim filing and patient billing timeline. Facilities and Providers receive their payments ahead of the visit and can concentrate on delivering the best care possible to the patient. ​



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